Development Path

Honor Certificate

  • 2016.12

    Be awarded with ‘High Technology Expertise’ certificate

  • 2016.12

    Be awarded as "YI QI FEI XIANG" Xiangzhou District SME growth project cultivate expertise

  • 2013.05

    The 24th Malaysia ITEX International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition:

  • 2013.04

    The 41st Exhibition of Inventions Geneva: YoPoint™ won the "Bronze Award"

  • 2013.02

    2012 Macau InnoICT Grand Prix: YoPoint™ Won "Excellent Award"

  • 2012.07

    Macau International Innovation &Invention Expo: YoPoint™ won the “Excellent Award” issued by AICA

  • 2012.07

    Macau International Innovation & Invention Expo: YoPoint™ won the “Invention Gold Award” issued

  • 2012.07

    YoPoint™ won “The Best Invention Award" from the Korea University Invention Association

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